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Freebyrd Home Inspections

Client Testimonials

Detail Oriented

"Thanks John for always being so detailed and for being one of the most important people in our home buying decision/process. We love the detailed reports with pictures and how you explain everything in person not leaving us questioning or wondering. Very knowledgeable, down to earth, tells it to ya straight, and great resource to any means/needs related to your home. And who doesn't like the eggs and veggies he brings. Thanks again for everything."

- Josh and Nicole Wingate
Life Saver

"John, I want to thank you again for your hard work and being very complete in your inspection. You saved me a huge headache and possible a big financial hit. I hope to see you soon in my next inspection and hopefully the next one goes alot better than this one did. I truly appreciate your hard work."

- Suzanne
Smart & Down to Earth

"John Byrd is the best combination of smart and down-to-earth person I have met in the business. It's one thing to do a thorough inspection, most ASHI guys are doing that. It's another thing entirely to communicate the findings dispassionately and objectively. I've lost some deals before when the inspector took upon themselves to stand on their soapbox of speculation and opinion and said things in such a frightful way that clients headed for the door, and I knew the dreaded "Termination" document would be waiting in my email. John is knowledgeable, friendly and an excellent person to talk with. My clients are pleased and that means I am. Freebyrd Home Inspections is my go to inspection company. And the tip of the hat to my favorite southern rock band doesn't hurt either."

- Tim Hulme; Schaeffer Realty
Top Notch

"John Byrd with Freebyrd Home Inspections is Top Notch, detail oriented inspector who takes great pride in his work. I have been working with John for over 5 years now and he completed many property inspection for my buyers clients as well as pre-inspections for my seller clients over the years. I highly recommend John for your next property inspection and you can rest assured that he is of the highest level of integrity, trustworthiness, and overall superior inspector in the industry! Call John today!"

- Stacey Lee Huck; Associate Broker at Exit Realty Professionals
Educated Choice

"When choosing a home inspector John Byrd is the educated choice! As a realtor I have encountered many home inspectors and in my opinion John is the area expert! John alsway inspects a home like it is a home he is buying, he is thorough, and explains everything in great depth. I am so glad I was introduced to John - he is my home inspector of choice for life."

- Julie Humphrey-Fish; REO Default Certified Professional at Exit Realty Specialists
Friendly/Thorough/Knows His Stuff

"I have been using John for over 2 years now and all my clients LOVE him.... and so do I. He is always friendly, thorough, and knows his stuff. He inspects the home as if he were buying it himself and if you have a certain concern he will address that issue with you. He is always up on the lastest codes and reports and while he gives straight forward information, he is never an alarmist, key in the real estate business. The home inspection report (with color pictures) he gives is second to none and the book with all the home owners tips is invaluable. He always ends the inspection letting the clients know if he can be of further service to them to please give him a call... and he means it! If you haven't used Freebyrd Home Inspections you are missing out on a great home inspection and meeting a top quality guy!!"

- Lori Gomoke; Realtor at Rose & Womble Realty
John Set The Bar High

"For this being my first home purchase, it was an important one for my family and I. John knew that coming in he took his time explaining the inspection process to me up front. He even took the time to answer some of my generic home buying questions. John's attention to detail during the inspection is above reproach. His inspection report will leave no questions for any party involved. Freebyrd Home Inspections is a Veteran's friendly company. Not many people notice my disable vet license plate, but John did and he spent about 5 minutes thanking me for my service. John - Freebryd as set the bar high. I have given out your contact info all the time! KEEP IT UP!!!"

- Justin A.
Excellent Home Inspection

"I have had to work with 2 home inspectors in the past month since I am selling my house and buying a new one. The follow-up, reporting structure/software and professionalism you showed was far above what I expected after the experience with the first home inspector. Frankly, I was surprised there could be such a difference and your company was on par with other companies when comparing cost. You found things in my house that i never would have thought of and now I feel comfortable moving forward on such a huge purchase. I really can't say enough about the excellent job you did. I would highly recommend you to all of my family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for the excellent job."

- Jason Dennis
Very Impressed

"John, I was really impressed by the thoroughness of your inspection and wanted to provide you with a testimonial as a small show of appreciation. This is the second home inspection I have had, and though in hindsight I knew the first one I had years ago was not thorough at all, I now know without a shadow of a doubt just how bad the first one that I had was. John was extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and took the time to explain any questions, and address any concerns that I had during the inspection. After my first experience I was skeptical about any home inspector, so I did a lot of research on the process, and as far as I could tell John hit every quality mark that I read about. The inspection lasted 3 1/2 hours, and I followed him everywhere except the crawl space. However, John graciously suited me up to go in with him, though I soon realized he'd do better without me. On top of it all i received an electronic copy of the inspection, including pictures, by 8pm that night. He also left me with a binder that explains all there is to know about the inspection, which went along with the results. If all that wasn't enough, he gave us some fresh farm eggs, tomatoes, zucchini and squash. I'll definitely recommend John to any and everyone that I know may need a home inspector."

- N. Sealey
Freebyrd Home Inspections is Awesome

"John is awesome !! I was immediately impressed by his quick response to my voice mail to verify the online prices. He was willing and able to accommodate an appointment within 24 hours notice. On the day of my inspections, it was a very damp, rainy day and he was patient during an initial mix up in property addresses. WOW ! When he was done, he provided me with my computer generated report on site, and a nice home manual. WoW!! I would highly recommend John @ Freebyrd Home Inspections for anyone looking for a personal, professional and honest home inspector. Thank you."

- Sebrina

Great Home Inspector

"I've found John to be thorough and a professional home inspector.Friendly and down-to-earth. I highly recommend the services of John Byrd of Frebyrd Home Inspections. He thoroughly educates my clients and we all leave the inspection with valuable information. John has all the patience necessary both while he is inspecting and while he is reviewing his findings and is careful to discuss the limitations of his expertise and refer the client to experts in thefield when appropriate. He gives my first-time buyers very useful advice for taking care of their new home. John makes the home-buying experience enjoyable for buyers. Thank you John for your hard work as a Home Inspector."

- Corinne Zedd; Realtor, GRI,ABR,SFR at Welcome Home Realtors in Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Trust Worthy Inspector

"I highly recommend John Byrd, Frebyrd Home Inspections. I have recommended John to numerous clients. Every one of those clients were extremely satisfied. Why do I recommend John? He is an honest and straightforward professional. John is knowledgeable and has great communication skills. He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is informed. He easily explains and will answer any question the client may have. He inspects a homes as if he was purchasing it himself. It is a pleasure to work with John. Thanks for the great service!"

- Patty Jeffers; Exit Realty Professionals
Frebyrd Home Inspections

"Explains both the good features of a house and the areas that need attention. John inspects every house as if it is his next purchase, and “tells it like it is.” I have not only referred him to both Buyers and Sellers, but have hired him on my personal purchases, too! That is the highest compliment I can give John. I am an experienced agent (since 1996) and can continue to recommend John with confidence. He is everything you are looking for in a great inspector: punctual, efficient, a good communicator, stays calm, explains both the good features of a house and the areas that need attention, comes prepared and is also a member of ASHI."

- Nancy Marchman; Rose & Womble, Holland Road Office

Honest & Valuable Inspector

"I want to highly recommend the services of John Byrd of Frebyrd Home Inspections. I've found John to be the epitome of a professional home inspector. Friendly and approachable, very "down-to-earth" AND honest, straightforward and professional he thoroughly educates my clients and I always leave the inspection with new and valuable information to enhance my knowledge base as well. I have worked with many inspectors who emanate arrogance, seem to rush through their work in silence as if they don't want to be bothered until the inspection is complete - this is NEVER the case with John. John has all the patience necessary both while he is inspecting and while he is reviewing his findings and he is careful to discuss the limitations of his expertise and refer the client to experts in the field when appropriate. Every client has been impressed and pleased with his services. John also has the discernment to know with whom his comments should be directed and how to handle any "sticky" situation that might arise with ease and diplomacy. The Home Owner’s Manual he provides for every inspection is like none I have seen, packed not only with points from the inspection itself, but illustrations and narrative on just about every aspect of homeownership. John is very easy to schedule, provides his findings in detail quickly and is readily available for follow-up questions not only from the client but from me as well. I have called him frequently for clarification when dealing with other inspections and he has become a very valuable resource for me. When the choice and recommendation is mine to make it is always Frebyrd Home Inspections!"

- Fay Grant; ABR, SFR, Realtor at Rose and Womble

Best in 25 Years

"In my 25+ years of experience in real estate, you are without a doubt the best home inspection company in the industry. I have used you on both the buying side and selling side and am totally satisfied with your service. Your integrity, honesty, and thoroughness are all tremendous. I will and do refer all of my clients as well as fellow agents to you at every opportunity. Keep up the good work. It is a pleasure working with a professional inspector."

- Dick Green; Associate Broker William E Wood
Worth the Money

"I met John Byrd for the first time for a house inspection. John showed up on time as he said he would. I remained inside the house while John proceeded to inspect. At times I would follow him. He did not mind. John was very knowledgeable in regards to the various aspects of inspecting the house. I can genuinely say he was looking out in my best interest. I will recommend Frebyrd Home Inspections. Anytime a friend or family member needs a great inspector. John. Thanks again for a great job!!!"


Extensive Inspection

"Although it has now taken several months for me to find the time to write to you, I wanted to make sure to thank you for your assistance in the home inspection on my first home. Having you go through the home prior to my purchase helped put me at ease knowing that I was making a sound decision with this purchase. Since it was my first home and being as young as I am, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't getting into something that would require repairs beyond my physical and financial abilities. Having now been in the home for several months, I am happy to tell you that there were no surprises. Your report showed the condition of the house and the repairs that needed to be made. I am also happy to report that due to your prompting, my mom continued to research the first time homebuyer's tax credit and I will be taking advantage of that program as well. Thank you again for your assistance."

- David Smith

Inspects Like it's His Own Home

"I enjoy working with John Byrd because I truly feel like he inspects every house just like he would if he were buying it himself! He's a trust worthy, good ole Boy: a real straight shooter! He's always early, polite and most importantly he's very thorough on EVERY inspection! My buyers love him because he's a great communicator and is always available by phone to answer any questions even long after the inspection is through or before my buyers even make an offer on a house. He is the best home inspector I have ever worked with... If you’re a realtor and you’re not using John Byrd for your home inspections...you’re crazy!"

- Courtney Rollins; Realtor William E Wood at the Mall
Very Informative

"Thank you to Frebyrd Home Inspections for a professional, thorough job at a discounted price. Most companies want to add charges on. Not John he gave us a military discount and a break on the rate as it was. John was informative to a person that does not have a lot mechanical experience; he explained all the information to me so that I would understand everything of all the things in the home buying process this was the best. John made all my worries go away. Frebyrd Home Inspection was the best. Thanks."

- Brian & Jodi
Great Job

"John was a lifesaver. I called Frebyrd Home Inspections to do a 1 year warranty inspection on my new home. He was very accommodating to my schedule and extremely knowledgeable about the aspects of a home. John was prompt, professional and explained everything to me and my husband. There were several things that we would have not noticed, and were able to get the builder to come and repair these items prior to the warranty was up. It would have cost us much more to fix these problems verse the price of the inspection. Thanks John for a job well done. It would be a pleasure to refer you to to other clients."

- Carol & Dave
Works for You!

"John’s top quality customer service and expertise gives you a peace of mind that you are making a sound business decision when it comes to your home purchase. He is very thorough with his inspection and makes it a point to communicate any concerns with you quickly. More importantly, if you don’t quite understand it at first he will work in rewording it to simpler terms to make sure you do. This is extremely important for someone who is not as savvy about construction. He takes his time for his inspections and takes great pride in his work. I cannot forget to mention his flexibility. He really works around your schedule. THANKYOU! John’s amazing personality makes you feel assure that you are getting an honest and precise inspection. I have enjoyed working with Frebyrd Home Inspections and have made him as my Inspection professional of choice for all of my future purchases."

- Robert & Deborah

Thorough and Careful Inspector

"We had Frebyrd home Inspections perform the inspection on a home being considered for purchase. The inspector was thorough, friendly, and explained things clearly. He took his time to examine everything in detail, and he provided not only an immediate computer generated report on site but also sent it to us on email as well. The service was very reasonably priced and was more affordable than other comparable services in the area. Great service for a great price! I highly recommend!"

- Milton and Sandra

Professional & Knowledgeable

"Mr. Byrd, Thank you so very much for inspecting my house. You were professional, prompt and knowledgeable about all the things in our house. There were so many things that we were unaware of. You are a great asset to a lot of home buyers and home owners. Thank you for your professionalism and wonderful job. Well worth the money."

- Heather & Mike
Peace of Mind

"John, I want to thank you for doing such a thorough job on our recent home inspection. You were a pleasure to work with and I appreciate all of the informative maintenance tips that you offered along with your detailed notes and pictures on repair items. You absolutely exceeded my expectations -I definitely feel comfortable passing your name along knowing that you do such quality work. As first-time homebuyers, you helped provide considerable peace of mind and took a significant amount of stress out of the whole buying process. Thanks again for all of your hard work."

- Martin

Knowledgeable Professional

"Truly a knowledgeable Professional, Frebyrd Home Inspection, John Byrd did an outstanding job for me. He was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I am extremely pleased with the information obtained by this inspection. Should I need additional home inspections in the future, I will certainly contact Frebyrd Home Inspections to conduct the inspection."

- John

Great Service

"Great Service at an excellent price! John was very courteous and knowledgeable. He provides me numerous tips on information I could request from my Association and the seller. The inspection for a small condo took about two hours. He did not rush into the inspection. John was also very detail oriented and offered to explain each item in detail after the inspection. I am very satisfied with my inspection with Frebyrd Home Inspections and would recommend them to anyone."

- Ken & Maggie
Extremely Professional

"Inspector John with Frebyrd Home Inspections is by far one of the most thorough, professional and affordable inspectors that money can buy. He was total proficient in making sure all of the appliances, electrical outlets, mechanism, pluming, and structure were assessed and evaluated. He inspected an opened on things that the average person may not notice. He performed the white glove treatment in his expertise, and didn't mind speaking with me afterwards for suggestions and guidance. He's proficient, polite and very friendly. What an asset to the Inspection Industry. He gets 5 Star ratings across the board in all areas! Keep up the Great work!"

- Elaine
First-time Buyer at Ease

"Freebyrd Home Inspections was recommended to me by a friend. I called John and he was very flexible with his schedule. We set up an appointment with no problems. I was very impressed with his website. This is my first home purchase and I was not sure what to look for. John not only showed me some potential problems, he also gave me some very useful advice for taking care of my new home. I felt like he really took the time to go over my home completely. He was very open to questions and willing to explain his diagnosis. My inspection was done and we received an electronic report on site. The report was thorough and included pictures with every explanation. I will continue to use this report and the manual that was given to us after I close on the house as a checklist of things to do in the order of priority. Thank you John for making my first home purchase so stress-free."

- Roger & Pam
Quality Inspection

"I read the many reviews for Frebyrd home inspections and gave them a call. I spoke to John and he was professional and worked around my schedule in order to set up the inspection. In matters of buying a home, time is money and John did not waste a moment. From start to finish John was professional and prompt. His inspection was very thorough, including pictures. John pointed out every factor of concern in my new home and gave solid advice in matters of what should be done to correct them. I received the computer generated report on site and was emailed to me also. John’s service is unbeatable and his pricing is very competitive. Thanks again, John."

- Terri & Jim
Outstanding Inspector

"I am so thankful that we had John at Frebyrd Home Inspections do our home inspection. He was so informative and covered everything, even helping us understand systems in the new house that we were concerned with. He was so thorough that he found things that ended up saving us money when we made the final offer on the house. I feel so confident with our purchase and know so many things about our house that I would never have known. As far as I'm concerned, he is a savior and I would recommend him and encourage anyone to hire him."

- Wayne
Above and Beyond Expectations

"I just wanted to briefly write and express my sincere thanks for the excellent service my husband and I received recently from your company. The professionalism with which you performed the inspection and the thoroughness with which you explained its contents were very helpful in our decision to continue our pursuit of purchasing this home. It was a pleasure to meet and spend a few hours learning some valuable information concerning our home. We just had to come back and tell you that the service you provided, including both your detailed inspections and you’re genuinely warm and caring attitude is priceless and solidified my choice of using Freebyrd Home Inspections for this job. It is evident your success is a reflection of your kindness and sincerity for your customers. The inspection basically paid for itself MANY times over! Please be assured that it is without reservation that we would recommend your home inspection services to anyone within my contact! Thank you."

- Tom & Barbara

"John Byrd owner of Frebyrd Home Inspections was amazing. From the meet and greet at the start, to the final handshake at the finish. He was recommended by our Real estate Agent. We had many other inspection companies that we looked at on the internet. We looked at his website with many recommendations and information there we were sold. The Report was very detailed with digital photos and descriptions of problems he found along the way. I would recommend John to anyone that is looking for a TRUE professional Home Inspector."

- Kimberly & John

"John treated the inspection as if his own money were being invested. He arrived early, spent significant time inspecting the entire home, and then provided a very detailed report of noted deficiencies. He answered all of our questions. And I mean all. He explained the routine maintenance required to keep the property in great condition and how to repair noted deficiencies. The final report was easy to understand with digital photographs included to highlight significant areas of interest. Outstanding service!
Thank you John"

- Dave

Great First Experience

"I would recommend Frebyrd Home Inspections for any job large or small. John really took his time inspecting everything and making sure the job was done well. At the end of the inspection he went over everything on the detailed report and explained everything to me. He answered all my questions and gave me an excellent book that is a great reference on all aspects of my home. Being a first time home buyer this was really exciting for me and John made the experience so enjoyable. He is a professional and very thoughtful."

- Patti


"Freebyrd Home Inspections did an excellent job on our home that we purchased. John was professional and extremely knowledgeable of all the aspects of the home. My husband and I were very impressed with the way he explained everything and answered all our questions. At the end of the inspection he presents you with a manual with your computer generated report. The manual has valuable information on maintenance of your home. The price for this home inspection was well worth every penny and more. I would highly recommend Freebyrd Home Inspections to anyone who would like a professional and completely thorough Home Inspection."

- Pat & Andy